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Kikkert udlånes til Flåden

Brev fra: Franklin D. Roosevelt

Den udlånte kikkert
Men hun var et pragtfuldt syn. Røg og gnister blev spyet op fra skorstenen. Der må være sket en eksplosion, men vi hørte ikke noget.
Travellers intending to embark on the Atlantic voyage are reminded that a state of war exists between Germany and her allies and Great Britain and her allies
To breve: I det ældste, takkes for udlån af en kikkert. I det sidste brev, er der information om tilbageleveringen af den lånte kikkert.
January 28, 1918.

To Miss Pauline Davison,
590 Washington Avenue
Tyrone, Pa.

Dear Madame:

Your prompt and patriotic response to the NAVY'S call for binoculars is most appreciated. The glasses will be very useful in the prosecution of Naval Operations until victory is won.

At the termination of the war, if possible, every effort will be made to return them to you when it is hoped that you will feel compensated for any evidence of wear, by the knowledge that you have supplied 'Eyes for the NAVY!' during a very trying period.

On behalf of the NAVY, I wish to thank you most heartily.

Very respectfully.
Franklin D. Roosevelt

as Assistant Secretary of the Navy.

SUBJECT: Return of articles, in connection with the NAVY's call for binoculars, telescopes, spyglasses, and other navigation instruments.

1. There is being returned to you by registered mail the article received from you in response to the NAVY'S call.

2. An engraved certificate evidencing the participation of this article in the war, is now being prepared and will be forwarded to you at a subsequent date.

3. It is hoped that any evidence of wear or damage will be compensated for by the fact that a great service has been performed and that historic interest has been added to the article returned.
Franklin D. Roosevelt

as Assistant Secretary of the Navy.

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