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Soldaterliv i træningslejren

Af: Amerikansk Soldat

brevet fra den amerikanske soldat - collage
Da jeg standsede ham, blev han blev så bange han bare løb ud over marken. Jeg råbte stands to gange mere, og derefter affyrede jeg et skud op i luften.
En soldat skriver til en dreng, som samler på breve sendt fra ”mænd” i tjeneste. I brevet fortæller han kort om soldaterlivet i lejren.
Written at Camp Carson

Date May 2, 1943

Dear Billy, Ballard told me you have a hobbie, saving letters written to you from men in the service.

So here's a letter I hope you won't forget and will always treasure.

Now to tell you a little of what we do here.

We go out in the woods and mountains, and camp for weeks at a time, in small tents and we sure have fun.

We fire rifles and play make believe war, running over hills after each other. We hike quite a bit, with full field packs, weighing around 60 pounds. They make us walk sometimes 25 miles in a day. It sure is tough on your feet, and the first couple of times you suffer with blisters.

Well Bill I must sign off now, so be a good boy and heres wishing you get more letters, good luck.

Yours Truly Pvt. Robert Arenz

P.S. I forgot one thing, I'm also from New Jersey the southern part. My home town is Burlington the street and address is, 316 St. Mary St.

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